Prototype pcb assembly Fiber inspection

Prototype pcb assembly Fiber inspection

The 12V Power PCB is produced by electric appliances in the whole process. From product design to patch/plug-in processing, and then to the test link, we grasp the whole process, only in order to let you get better quality products.

Product Details

Product Classification: Rigid 6-layer PCBA

Product Name: RWLS-ExtGeoAirBt-0-31-1

Pcb industry application: Fiber inspection

Pcb sheet information: single piece size 99*71MM, 6 layers FR4, plate thickness 1.3MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white

Production process: lead-free soldering process

Production process flow: SMT+dip+ packaging

Furnace experiment: all self-purchased plastic molded patch materials have to undergo reflow soldering experiments

PCB prototype

Product description of the board:

FASTPCBA is a one-stop pcba manufacturer and exporter with over 15 years of experience in high quality pcb manufacturing, pcb assembly, and component parts procurement.

Need you to provide the following information quote

1. The design drawings of OEM and ODM products are provided by customers.

2. List of components

Pcba manufacturing equipment

DIP welding method: manual welding

1. When soldering the backlit screen and LCD display, remember to tear off the protective film and ensure that there is no debris on the backlit screen and LCD display before soldering. The molten iron welding temperature is 370 degrees, and the tin penetration degree is required to be 50% or more.

Component shearing requirements: All models of the C17 series that use DIP LCD screens must be cut after soldering (patch trimming, be careful not to damage the PCB). After cutting the feet, attach black electrical tape to the pins.

Circuit board cleaning method: hand wash, LCD screen solder joints do not need to be cleaned, use cotton swabs, tweezers and other tools to remove tin beads tin slag;

When cleaning other post-welding materials, be careful not to apply the cleaning agent to the LCD screen, otherwise the LCD screen will be scrapped.

Product packaging: 1 custom carton and red foam tray.

PCB packaging

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