Circuit Board Assembly GPS Locator

Circuit Board Assembly GPS Locator

GPS locator circuit board assembly Printed circuit board, often use abbreviations—— PCBA, is an important electronic parts, is the support of electronic components,the provider of the electronic circuit connection.Because it is produced by using electronic printing technology, it is called...

Product Details

Product basic information:

Pcb board information: 10 layers of FR4 inner layer copper thickness 0.5, outer layer 1OZ plate thickness 1.1MM surface treatment sinking gold, LPI green oil, white text

Layers of PCB board: 10

pcb board thickness: 1.6mm

Copper thickness: 1OZ

Base material: FR4

Minimum aperture: 0.2mm

Minimum line width: 4 mil

Solder mask: green

Minimum line spacing: 4 million

Surface treatment: Lead-free tin spray

Finished board thickness: 0.2-7.0mm

Thin copper wire thickness: 1-6OZ

Board thickness tolerance: +/- 10%

Hole tolerance: PTH: +/- 3mil NPTH: +/- 2mi

Minimum distance pad: 8mil

Minimum distance touchpad: 8mil

Minimum distance tracking: 4 million

PCB standard: IPC-A-610 D


hipping: DHL UPS TNT Fedex

pcb product packaging: red bubble cotton

Quality standards: IPC-600G Class II and IPC-6012B Class II standards.

Certification management: ISO9001: 2016

Pcb board testing requirements:

1. Probe flight test and electrical test

2.UL certification level 94v-0

3. X-ray inspection

4. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

5. Online test (ICT) and functional test

6. Compliant with ROHS.


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