FPC pcb pcba SMT assembly

FPC pcb pcba SMT assembly

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PCB design specification

Design technology of PCB circuit board, circuit board.

The PCB circuit board, the circuit board design technology, will affect the following three effects:

1. the effect of electrostatic field before electrostatic discharge

Charge injection effect produced by 2. discharge

Field effect produced by 3. electrostatic discharge current

However, the main effect is to the third effects. The following discussion will give a design guide to the third issues described.

In general, the field coupling derived from the receiving circuit can be reduced by one of the following ways:

1. use a filter at the source to attenuate the signal

2. the filter is used to attenuate the signal at the receiving end

3. increase the distance to reduce coupling

4. reduce the antenna effect of the source and / or receiving circuit to reduce the coupling

5. the receiving antenna and the transmitting antenna are placed vertically to reduce the coupling

6. shield between the receiving antenna and the transmitting antenna

7. reduce the impedance of the transmitting and receiving antenna to reduce the electric field coupling

8. increasing the impedance of one of the transmitting or receiving antennas to reduce the coupling of the magnetic field。


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