SMT assembly server board

SMT assembly server board

One-stop PCB and PCBA manufacturer, components sourcing and assembly 1.Onestop PCBA PCB assemblies service: PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB Assemblies,PCBA Function Test solution. 2.We have been is PCB and PCBA assembly business since 1998, mainly specialized in Medical...

Product Details

Server board soldering

Product Classification: PCBA

Product Name: 100trust-2h-core-20180516(1)

Pcb industry reference: server

Pcb sheet information: 175.51@180.09MM, fake 8 layer production, FR4, board thickness 1.52mm, 10Z, immersion gold, green oil white, over-hole cover oil, impedance control

SMT points: 966

Dip points: 223

pcb assembly

Product Details

Handling all customer requirements for PCB assembly, component purchase and other product assembly, customers can submit drawings or samples to our R&D team, regardless of size, to accept a variety of requirements:

1. Provide other electronic parts

2. Single-sided PCB assembly

3. Double-sided PCB assembly

4. Multilayer PCB assembly

pcb board

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