Single Layer FPC Circuit Board

Single Layer FPC Circuit Board

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China single layer fpc OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn single layer flexible pcb production prototypes and samples from our factory. Single Layer Flexible PCB (FPC) Partnumber: FASTPCBA-023 Specs: Size: 65mm*38mm Min hole...

Product Details

Single Layer FPC Circuit Board


MaterialFR4,  TG130, TG140, TG160, TG170
Surface treatmentHASL,Chemical Tin,ENIG(Immersion GOLD),OSP,IMT,Plating silver,GOLD Finger
LayersSingle-sided,double-sided,4 layers, 6,8,10,12 Layers
Maxi. board size800mmX508mm
Line width/space0.1mm/ 0.1mm
Board thickness0.2mm-4mm
Min.tolerance of Board thickness +/-8% - 10%
Copper foil thicknessOut Layer: 17.5um/35um/70um/105um/140um/175um                                                                   Inner Layer: 17.5um/35um/70um/105um/140um
Outline  ToleranceCNC routing:+/-0.1mm , Punching: +/-0.1mm
V-CUT registration +/-0.15mm
PTH hole copper thickness15um-50um
Warp and twist<=1%
Min. registration of hole position +/-3mil(+/-0.76mm)
Min.punching hole0.8mm(Board thickness below 1.0mm .)
Min.Punching Square slot(Board thickness below 1.0mm, 1.0mmX1.0mm)
Registration of printed circuit +/-0.076mm
Min.drill hole diameter0.2mm
Min.tolerance of hole diameter +/-0.05mm 
Thickness of surface treatmentPlating Gold:(Ni4um-6um ,Au 0.1um-0.5um),                                                                               Immersion GOLD:  (Ni 5um-6um,Au:0.0254um-0.127um),
Plating Silver:(Ag 5um-8um),                                                        
V-CUT degree tolerance +/-5(degree)
V-CUT Board thickness 0.6mm-3.2mm
Min.Legend width0.1mm
Min.Solder mask width0.1mm
Min.Solder mask ring0.05mm 



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