Flex Pcb Circuit Board manufacturing

Flex Pcb Circuit Board manufacturing

Flex pcb circuit board components How to Control Quality in PCB Manufacturing In order to ensure quality in PCB process, any clients’ task should cover the following three aspects. Capabality of PCB manufacturers has to be ensured. Knowing the capability of pcb manufacturer will help you much in...

Product Details

Goods classification: FPC flexible pcb

Pcb board information: 2 layers FR4, board thickness 2.747MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, blue oil white letters, single sheet size 41.95 * 41.78MM

Order quantity: 550pcs

Reflow soldering temperature setting: The highest temperature for reflow soldering is between 247-249 degrees, soldering time over 230 ° C, control 40-60S

Production process: SMT + DIP

smt points: 466

dip points: 4

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Pcb production process: lead-free process

PCB board baking: pcb baking 8h, IC baking 8h

Solder paste requirements: Lead-free solder paste SN99AGO. 3cU0.7

DIP soldering method: manual soldering, soldering iron soldering temperature is 370 degrees, and tin penetration is required above 50%. Heat sinks and thermal pads are empty stickers

Penetration requirements: pay attention to check that the penetration is above 50%


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