Custom Double-Sided PCB

Custom Double-Sided PCB

Vape, as it is known in English, is a device that mimics the feel of smoking by heating resistance wires at high voltage to turn the oil into steam. Turning the vape box over to look at the back, you can see the electronic components of a whole Vape Circuit Board.

Product Details

Product description of the double-sided board

Vape is an educational device that mimics the feeling of smoking by heating the resistance wire under high pressure to turn the oil into steam. Turn the vape box over to look at the back and you can see the electronic components of the entire Vape board.

The core control module is located in the middle of the circuit board, and voltage regulation, overvoltage protection, etc. are all dependent on the control chip. The entire Vape board can remind people of the motherboard of a computer case.

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- No need for NTC sensors, Vape boards are temperature controlled, and microcomputers are temperature controlled.

- These two buttons are ON / 0FF, temperature positive and temperature negative function.

- Timing function is optional or not.

- The LED displays the set temperature state, and a total of six temperatures can be set.

- Precise temperature control.

The -Vape board is suitable for ceramic loads.

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Q: What is your quotation policy?

A: For a large number of ordered PCBs, FASTPCBA will send you a quote based on the MOQ of the relevant product at a reasonable price and good quality.

Q: Does FASTPCBA need other services?

A: For PCB cloning services, customers need to send us relevant printed circuit boards, as well as clear photos on the front and back.

Q: How about the service provided by FASTPCBA to customers?

A: If you have any questions about our products or company, please feel free to send your inquiry to your customer service representative. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.

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