Electronic PCB Board Medical device

Electronic PCB Board Medical device

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Electronic PCB Board Medical device OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Smart Watch Electronic PCB Board production prototypes

Product Details

Product Classification: PCBA

Production method: DIP&SMT

Pcb board thickness: 1.6 Mm

Minimum line width: 0.12mm

Surface treatment: Hsal lead-free

Material: Fr-4, ce -1, ce -3, high Tg, Fr4 halogen Fr

Design, size, color: according to your requirements

Trademark: Shenzhen FASTPCBA Co., Ltd.

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Metal plating: copper

Substrate: FR-4

Minimum aperture: 0.25mm

Minimum line spacing: 0.12mm

Supply Type: OEM Service

Layout: 22-page layer

Specifications: CE, RoHS


ASTPCBA guarantee,

1.100% quality pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly.

2. We guarantee that our products meet the specifications you provide.

3. Very competitive price

4. Ship to your port or front door

5.1-2 weeks delivery time

6. Provide complete testing services

Pcba manufacturing equipment

To make a PCB assembly (PCBA), customers only need to provide us with a Gerber file and bill of materials. Component procurement is one of the special services we can offer. IC, battery, fuse, LCD, transformer, LED diode, connector, sensor, we can purchase all these electronic parts from customers.

Our goal: high quality, low cost and fast delivery of PCB and PCB assembly.

Verification: UL, ISO9001: 2016, RoHS, ISO13485

Our PCBA features and services: SMT / THT / DIP.

1. Parts procurement service

2. SMT assembly and insertion of through-hole components

3. IC pre-programming / online burning

4. Perform functional tests as required

5. Complete unit assembly (including plastic, metal box, coil, internal cable, etc.)

6. Packaging design

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