Epoxy Resin For Printed Circuit Board

Epoxy Resin For Printed Circuit Board

Application:LED,medical,industrial Device Testing points:4000 Precision:01005 Type:Electronic PCB Assembly

Product Details

Epoxy resin for printed circuit board




PCB quick proofing PCB PCB design should pay attention to the problem



PCB printing process:

1. The single-layer panel is designed on the top floor.If not done in a positive or negative manner, it may be difficult to weld plates with the equipment.

2, large area of copper foil is too close to the outer frame, large area of copper foil should be at least 0.2mm away from the outer frame, because in the milling molding, such as milling copper foil easy to cause copper foil warping and resistance welding off and other problems.

3. Draw a filling block in the circuit design, the filling block is designed to pass the DRC check, but is not suitable for machining.Therefore, the pad type cannot directly generate resistance welding data.When the flux is opened, the filler area is covered with resistance flux, making it difficult for the equipment to weld.






4 reasons to choose FASTPCBA:

1. Years of relevant experience in the PCB printing manufacturing industry

Since 2007, one of the early companies engaged in PCB printing and PCBA assembly, East FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd., Jane FASTPCBA, is located in Shenzhen, China, with convenient transportation and a total investment of more than 50 million. It is a modern domestic enterprise.

2. Japan imported high-speed intelligent welding assembly equipment

With many years of experience in electronic product processing and PCBA development, it has many automatic assembly machines such as YAMAHA, and Desen-DSP1008 printing machine.

3. Received a number of standardized certifications

Products meet the certification requirements, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, Intertek China WCA social responsibility audit certification, Intertek China SQP qualified supplier evaluation, and won the 2015 outstanding suppliers.

4. Five-star service excellent supplier

From order taking, design, procurement, trial production, production to the whole process of shipment, one-stop service process, free trucks, guarantee timely delivery of products, on time delivery. Xinyi Electronics can provide customized products according to the different needs of customers in various industries, with reliable quality, and make good quality samples to confirm to customers and satisfy customers. Established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known enterprises at home and abroad (financial payment industry, automotive electronics industry, household appliances industry, etc.) and become their designated partners.





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