PCB manufacturing endoscope

PCB manufacturing endoscope

Endoscope electronic PCB The pyeloscopy is an auxiliary diagnostic method for checking whether the kidney is normal. Ureteroscopy is an important development in urinary endoscopy, which has changed the traditional concept that long-term ureteral sites are difficult to visually check and ureteral...

Product Details

PCB manufacturing endoscope

Basic information about the product:

Circuit board application industry: medical endoscope

Circuit board manufacturing information: double-sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, immersion gold, blue oil white, single-chip size 19.1*31.75MM;

Product Attributes: Homemade Parts

Unit of measure: 100pcs


Manufacturing Process: Lead-Free Process

Project requirements: pcba one-stop service

Process flow: SMT+ packaging

Material type: PCB circuit board, plug-in IC, plug-in pin header, plug-in resistor, plug-in magnetic bead

Inspection requirements: When the implementation of 11 and 12 and the PCB board are completed according to the internal standards of the board manufacturer, the product engineering site must be informed.

PCB (2)

Production process:

pcb process

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