Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards

Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards

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PCB Description

With the development of miniaturization and high integration of electronic parts, Double Sided Printed Circuit Boards are moving towards the direction of matching high-function circuits. Therefore, the increasing demand for high-density double-sided PCB boards and high wiring capacity also leads to more stringent requirements on electrical characteristics.

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PCB Features

Double Sided Printed Circuit Board is a very common PCB board in the circuit board. It is also very simple to distinguish whether a PCB board has two panels. Two panels are the extension of a single panel, which means that the circuit of a single panel is not enough to turn to the opposite side. 

Another important feature of a Double Sided Printed Circuit Board is that it has a guide hole and a circuit on both sides. Double panels are twice as large as single panels, and because the wiring can intersect with each other, they are better suited for circuits that are more complex than single panels.


Scope of application:

Home appliances, computer peripherals, communications, optoelectronic equipment, instrumentation, toys, aerospace, military, medical products, LED lighting, industrial control, mechanical equipment, automation control, security products and other industries.



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