Electronic Circuit Board Pcb Smt

Electronic Circuit Board Pcb Smt

Electronic circuit board pcb smt Solder Resist Solder resist is available in a wide variety of colors and whilst adding a pleasing aesthetic to a finished PCB it has a much more functional role to play. Due to the excellent chemical resistance and dielectric properties in solder resist applied...

Product Details

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Base material: FR4

Number of layers: six

Finishing board thickness: 1.2mm

Copper thickness: 1oz

Hole size: 0.15mm (minimum)

Line width: 0.12mm (minimum)

Line spacing: 0.12mm (minimum)

Surface finishing: HASL

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Key competitive advantages:

15% off first sample price

Product features: complete technology, complete pcb type, providing 9 testing procedures to ensure product quality

Prompt delivery: 1-2 days for samples, 3-7 days for batch products

Quality certification: ISO9001: 2016 quality management

Service: pcba one-stop service

Accept small orders


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