PCB assembly PCB manufacturing service

PCB assembly PCB manufacturing service

Type:Electronic PCB Assembly Certification:CE,FCC,UL,SGS,ROHS,ISO9001,IATF16949 Type of services:pcb design, pcb copy, pcb reverse engineering

Product Details

PCB assembly PCB manufacturing service
        1. Commodity code: AASXO-PCBA

2, PCBA size: 460 * 320mm / 200pcs

3, layer / material / thickness: 6 layers / high TG material / 0.4mm

4, process flow: SMT + DIP + components+packing

5, craftsmanship: solder paste lead-free

6, need to test materials

7, IC prenatal burning

8. Is there a special sensitive device: none

9, A / B surface: single-sided patch

10 through tin requirements: solder joints must be fully welded.

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

Manufacturing process parameters:



Special production process:

1. The PCB process of this PCB circuit board uses CCL (copper-clad laminate) as the standard material.

2. All plug-in components must be designed on the same side of the PCB board. After the plug-in is completed, turn the PCB board over and insert the components again.

3. When the gap between the chip component and the plug-in component cannot reach 5m or more and the furnace carrier cannot be fabricated, the plug-in component and the patch element are designed on the same side of the PCB board, so that the use can be omitted. Furnace carrier production.

4. Valuable/important components should not be placed on the corners and edges of the PCB, or near the connectors, mounting holes, slots, cutting of the board (the position of the ribs), the corners and corners, etc. These positions are printed. The high stress zone and the capacitive zone of the plate are prone to failure of the cracking of the solder joints and the elementary crying pieces.

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Modern PCB board manufacturers basically only need to select the required CCL according to the customer's Gerber file, then etch the trace on the CCL copper foil, and paste PP (Prepreg, film) in the middle of the adjacent CCL to avoid different After the CCL copper foil layer should not be short-circuited, the vias are used to connect the interlayer lines (similar to the building to open the stairs) to complete the PCB.

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