Dvd player pcb board fr4

Dvd player pcb board fr4

Precision:01005 Type:Electronic PCB Assembly PCBA Test:X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test

Product Details

Dvd player pcb board fr4
FR - 4 epoxy glass fiber board (epoxy plate), the main material for imports half curing film, color white, yellow, green, under the normal temperature of 150 ℃ still has high mechanical strength, good electrical properties under dry and wet state, flame retardant, used in electrical, electronic and other industries insulation structure parts, using imported raw materials, domestic compressor and elaborate manufacture standard process;The main specifications are 1000* 2000mm * 1020mm*1220mm, because of the advantages of raw materials, to ensure quality and cheap, timely delivery, a stable customer base at home and abroad, and enjoy a high reputation.


Customer quotation requirements:

Gerber file and Bom list

Provide us with a clear PCBA or PCBA sample image

PCBA test method

PCB design, layout, manufacturing, assembly and functional test IC accuracy

Distance between components: 0.2mm

Lead-free technology SMT process up to 22 layers of mixed assembly technology

For network, communication and industrial control

Product type: SMT, through-hole BGA, COB plastic die-casting sheet X-ray and ICT test according to IPC 610 manufacturing standard


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