Double-sided Pcb Clone Assembly Manufacturer

Double-sided Pcb Clone Assembly Manufacturer

One-stop PCB and PCBA manufacturer, components sourcing and assembly 1.Onestop PCBA PCB assemblies service: PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB Assemblies,PCBA Function Test solution. 2.We have been is PCB and PCBA assembly business since 1998, mainly specialized in Medical...

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Double-sided Pcb Clone Assembly Manufacturer


(1) try to make the solder paste "return to temperature" as far as possible during the "tempering" process, and do not force heating.

(2) the solder paste should be evenly stirred before use to increase the wettability of solder paste.When stirring manually, use solder paste special metal shovel until smooth.When using the machine, the stirring time should be paid attention to, the time should be appropriate, excessive stirring will cause the viscosity of solder paste to decrease, the temperature will rise, the welding powder and the solder reaction will affect the quality of solder paste.The mixing time is different according to the stirring device, and the time is different.

(3) the viscosity of solder paste will change according to temperature and humidity.The temperature rises and the viscosity decreases.As the humidity increases, the solder paste absorbs moisture and affects the quality.

(4) after opening to SMT processing, the solder paste used multiple times when must fully confirm quality if there is a change, because after opening the used solder paste used again is not in the scope of the quality.

(5) do not lick the solder paste when using;Avoid solder paste contact with the skin.When the skin is not carefully glued to the skin, it can be wiped with dry paper towel and alcohol, and then washed with soap.

(6) solder paste contains flammable solvents, so keep away from fire during SMT processing and avoid fire.

(7) a ventilation installation must be installed in the workshop where solder paste is used, and fresh air is often imported.

(8) when reflow soldering, it is necessary to install a local exhaust device due to the decomposition of the solder paste in the solder paste.

(9) different types of solder paste cannot be used in combination.

(10) clean the cleaning fluid used in cleaning circuit boards and templates, and do not mix in solder paste.

(11) waste solder paste should be treated in strict accordance with relevant regulations.


Q:What service do you have?

A: We provide turnkey solution including PCB fabrication, SMT, plastic injection & metal, final assembly,testing and other value-added service.

Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCB order?

A:  The customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file.If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.

Q:How can we ensure our information should not let third party to see our design?

A: We are willing to sign NDA effect by customer side local law and promising to keep customers data in high confidential level.

Q: What is your quotation policy?

A: For the PCB order in large quantity, FASTPCBA will send you the quotation based on the MOQ of the products concerned, and the price will be reasonable with good quality.

Q:Is FASTPCBA a factory or trade company?

A: FASTPCBA is a factory with PCB factory located in China 

Q: What does FASTPCBA need for other services?

A: For PCB clone service, the customer needs to send us the printed circuit board concerned,and also the sharp photos of its front side and the back side. 

Q: How about the service FASTPCBA offered to the customers?

A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry toour customer service representatives, Your satisfaction is our pursuits.

Q:What is standard delivery term?

A: Delivery terms of EXW, FCA, FOB, DDU etc. are all available based on each quote.


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