Smt pcb manufacturer

Smt pcb manufacturer

Diy pcb board printed circuit Is Surface mount technology important? A huge majority of today’s electronics are manufactured with SMT, or surface mount technology. Devices and products that use SMT have a large number of advantages over traditionally routed circuits; these devices are known as...

Product Details

Welcome to FASTPCBA Co., Ltd.!

PCB board application industry: blood pressure test valve plate

Our EMS services include PCB & PCBA, welcome OEM & ODM orders.

OEM (we manufacture according to your design-BOM, Gerber files and test procedures):

1. Parts procurement and procurement

2.PCB manufacturing, assembly (PCBA-SMT and through-hole parts)

3. Test certification

4.QC test packaging

Why are we?

1. We are a PCB and PCB assembly manufacturer with 15 years of experience

2. Sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for all customers

3. Protecting customer copyright

4. Welcome small and medium batch

5. Buy all components according to customer BOM

6. One-stop turnkey solution


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