Circuit board manufacturer of intelligent thermostat

Circuit board manufacturer of intelligent thermostat

Type of services:pcb design, pcb copy, pcb reverse engineering Applications:Industrial/Consumer electronics/Hobby/Medical/Communications Design software:Cadence OrCAD/Allegro/Altium PCAD/Mentor Graphic PADS Suite Schematic capture:Yes

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Circuit board manufacturer of intelligent thermostat


FASTPCBA is a PCBA manufacturing, PCBA assembly, component procurement company. A one-stop test assembly company focused on manufacturing, R&D, stamping and precision machining OEM services, providing a full range of packaging solutions that reduce customer acquisition and manufacturing costs.

1. The mission of FASTPCBA

Committed to making technology better!

2. FASTPCBA value

Ingenious, leading the industry, achieving customers, and achieving employees

3. What types of FASTPCBA services are there?

FASTPCBA is committed to providing one-stop, complete process electronic processing services to technology customers. The FASTPCBA service covers electronic products to assist in research and development, and has established nine inspection product quality standards and quality control management systems, and parts procurement.

4. Why order from FASTPCBA

a) 5000 square meters dust-free anti-static plant, 20 projects, with an average of 15 years of professional manufacturing experience, all products have passed TSO9001 and IATF16949/ISO13485 certification.

b) Complete PCBA system management and one-stop service.

c) Inspection quality control super perfect 9


In order to realize the whole process of intelligent thermostat manufacturing from circuit design, we can automatically process performance analysis to PCB board (printing board) on the computer, thus shortening the design cycle, improving design efficiency and reducing design risk.




The intelligent thermostat cabinet is a device that uses the temperature control processor to realize the time, external problems and self-demand of the circuit technology. It is generally processed by overlapping experimental circuits.





Protel99SE is a 32-bit PCB auxiliary design software package with powerful design functions, which can complete schematic diagram, PCB design and programmable logic device design.





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