Printed circuit board assembly

Printed circuit board assembly

We are an OEM manufacturer working on bare pcb and pcb assembly since 2007.So if you have scanned this message,we can meet your demand if you can send gerber file and bom list to our company consulting email address.

Product Details

Printed circuit board assembly

Basic information on communication RF electronics:

Product Classification: PCBA

Specification model: T232-Gerber-v1.3

Pcb industry application: communication RF

Pcb sheet information: 6 layers of soft and hard bonding board, material TG170, FR4+PI, board thickness 1.611MM, copper thickness 1OZ, matte green oil white, sinking gold, no through hole plug oil;

Finished board thickness: 0.4mm-3.2mm

Board size: 610mmx610mm

Maximum number of layers: 6 layers

Minimum line width / spacing: 0.1mm / 0.1mm

Minimum aperture: 0.25mm

Hole position accuracy: 0.05mm

Pitch: 0.3mm

Surface treatment: HASL, lead-free HASL, flash gold, OSP

PCB prototype

Our advantage:

For layers: double sided; multilayer board

Applicable category: high frequency PCB; thick copper plate

Application: communication pcb, communication module, etc.

PCB board delivery time:

1) PCB production time: sample: 3-5 days / batch production: 7 days

2) Component purchase: 2 days if all components in our domestic market are available. Imported materials purchase time 2-7 days

3) PCB assembly: 7-15 days

pcb process

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