Aluminum HASL Pcb

Aluminum HASL Pcb

Aluminum HASL Pcb is a kind of copper clad metal substrate with good heat dissipation function. It is often used in power devices, power density, so copper foil thicker.

Product Details

Working principle

The surface of the power device is mounted on the circuit layer, and the heat generated during the operation of the device is quickly transferred to the metal base through the insulation layer, and then the heat is transferred out by the metal base to realize the heat dissipation of the device.

Compared with the traditional fr-4, the Aluminum HASL Pcb can reduce the thermal resistance to the minimum, so that the aluminum substrate has excellent thermal conductivity; Compared with thick film ceramic circuit, its mechanical properties are excellent.


-Surface mounting technology (SMT) is adopted in Aluminum HASL Pcb.

-Extremely effective treatment of thermal diffusion in the circuit design scheme.

-Reduce the operating temperature of the product, improve the power density and reliability of the product, and extend the service life of the product.

-Reduce product size and hardware and assembly costs.

-Replace fragile ceramic substrate for better mechanical durability.


1    Layer    1-30 layer    

2    Material    FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Hight TG,FR4 Halogen Free,FR-1,FR-2,Aluminum    

3    Board thickness    0.2mm-7mm    

4    Max.finished board side    500mm*500mm    

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