PCB Prototyping Incubator

PCB Prototyping Incubator

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Product Details

Product description

Our Microwave Oven PCB is a sealed entirety made of three or more different materials membrane adhere. It has the advantages of small size,light,weight,good sealing,original good appearance.

Bare copper of PCB itself has good weldability, but it is easy to be oxidized. In order to ensure good weldability and electrical properties, we need to do various surface treatment processes.

Practical surface treatment processes are varied and can be divided into OSP, tin spraying (with lead and without lead), tin sinking, gold sinking, silver sinking, nickel gold sinking, nickel palladium gold sinking, electrohard gold plating, full plate gold plating, gold finger, etc.

Our Microwave Oven PCB manufacturing capacity can almost meet the high requirements of customers. In fact, we have been focusing on this field for decades, the factory facilities have reached a high level, which can well handle your intelligent manufacturing.


This Microwave Oven PCB can applied to the instruments,numerical control machine,fridge,washing machine,microwave ovens and other domestic appliances and industrical control areas.


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*- Perfect technological process.

*- 48 checking procedures, IQC/IPQC/QC/QA/OQC check on.

*- IATF9001:2016、ISO13485、ISO9001

*- Our quality guarantee: 1 year after shipment of PCBs.

Our Service:

*- Comprehensive documents audit to prevent mistakes in PCB Gerber and Bom.

*- Suggest best quality replacement with lower price.

*- Engineering support for test and provide suggestions for mass production.

*- Suggest best shipment method.

*- Sign NDA to keep your design safe.

PCB prototype

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