PCB assembly service in Europe

PCB assembly service in Europe

Delivery:sample 3-7 days PCB Standard:IPC Class2 Service:PCB fabricate/design/layout/assembly Testing Service:Test fixture/AOI/X-ray

Product Details

PCB manufacturing capabilities:

Pcb board layers: 2 to 48 layers;

Pcb material: FR4 and Tg120-Tg200, Rogers RO4350, RO3003, Nelco N4000-13, N4000-13EP, N4000-13EPSI, metal plate;

Copper weight: 1 to 6 ounces of copper,

Finished board thickness: 0.5mm to 5mm;

Minimum aperture: 0.15mm (diameter);

Minimum trace width: 0.12mm;

Minimum trace distance: 0.13mm;

Buried holes, laser holes, blind holes;

Surface treatment process: OSP, HASL, immersion tin / gold / silver;

Implementation standards: UL and RoHS certification.


Our production equipment:

High-speed SMT machines with 1.5 production lines (Yamaha, YG200, YV100Xg);

2. Solder paste screen printing machine;

3.N2 hot air reflow oven reflow soldering machine;

4. Solder paste thickness analyzer;

5. X-ray photography for BGA welding quality inspection;

6. Automatic optical magnification inspection machine.

PCB (2)

Our service

1. You need to contact the manufacturer first, then register the customer number, then someone will give you a quote, place an order and follow up on the production progress.

2. On-line production according to customer's requirements for circuit boards

3. All inspections before shipment

4. Transportation

PCB prototype

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