Circuit Board For Power Inverter

Circuit Board For Power Inverter

PCBA samples leadtime:15-20 working days Test:100% E-test and Functional test Certificate:UL,ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,CQC Item:Multilayer circuit board

Product Details

Goods classification: PCBA

Circuit board industry application: power inverter

Pcb board information: single-sided circuit board material 6061 1.6mm 2oz, single-sided black solder mask white character sinking gold hole and substrate conductive

PCB board size: 124.49 * 131.75MM

Order information: 500pcs

Production process requirements: lead-free process

Solder Paste Requirements: Customized Thousand Island Solder Paste SN99AG0.3CU0.7

Circuit board cleaning method: the washing water should not touch the key switch and the lamp surface


PCBA Contract Manufacturing Services:

1.PCB manufacturing, SMT assembly, DIP assembly, thick PCB solder with thick copper on both sides;

2. SMT placement in SOP, QFP, CSP and BGA packages, 0201 component size

3. Online test and function test;

4. Flip chip / wire bonding;

5. Complete product assembly;

6. Engineering testing, logistics and after-sales service;

Experience in one-stop assembly of PCB manufacturing in automotive control, industrial control, telecommunications, and communications industries.

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