Multi Layers Rigid PCB Assembly

Multi Layers Rigid PCB Assembly

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Product Details

Multi Layers Rigid PCB Assembly

                             Finished Board Thickness


                             Maximum Dimension


                             Minimum Finished Board


                             Maximum Delivery Dimension


                             Maximum Number of layers

                             8 layers

                             Minimum Line Width/Spacing


                             Minimum Hole Diameter


                             Hole Position Precision


                             Hole Spacing


                             Surface Treatment

                             HAL;Lead free Hal;Flash Gold;OSP

                             Maximum Aspect Ratio


                             Maximum Thickness of Wiring


                             Outline Precision(CNC)


Basic information about the board. :

1) 4-layer board, board thickness 1.6mm

2) Free HASL surface treatment

3) Minimum space / width 0.15mm

4) Minimum hole 0.4mm

5) FR4 Tg135 material

6) V-shaped cutting panel

7) Green solder mask type

8) Copper thickness 1.6oz

PCB (2)

Our advantage:

For layers: double-sided mounting; 4-layer multi-layer board

Applicable category: high frequency PCB; thick copper plate

Application: automotive PCB; car dashboard


PCB board delivery time:

1) PCB production time: sample: 3-5 days / batch production: 7 days

2) Component purchase: 2 days if all components in our domestic market are available.

3) PCB assembly: sample: thin 2 days / batch production: 5 days

Product sindustry application

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