Pcb Assembly Medical cleaning machine

Pcb Assembly Medical cleaning machine

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Pcb Assembly Medical cleaning machine OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Washing Machine Pcb Board Assembly production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Pcb sheet base material: FR-4, CEM-3, Taconic, Rogers, ALU, FR-1

Our smallest line width: 3mil

Brand Name: FAST PCBA

Copper thickness: 0.3oz-3oz

Plate thickness: 0.3mm-6mm

Minimum line spacing: 3mil

Surface treatment process type: immersion gold / gold, HASL, OSP, immersion silver, etc.

Minimum opening size: 0.2mm

Product Name: Printed Circuit for Medical Cleaning Equipment

PCB: Custom +pcb assembly

PCB tolerance for finished thickness: ±5%

Solder mask: green / black / white / red / blue / yellow

Hole tolerance: PTH: ±0.075, NTPH: ±0.05

Maximum size of board: 1200mm * 600mm

Profile punching: milling, V-CUT, groove

Number of floors: 1-48

Winding and winding: 5%

PCB standard: IPC-A-610 E Class II-III


Product file information:

Product classification: 6-layer rigid PCBA

Order Quantity: 240pcs

Pcb industry application: medical cleaning equipment

Pcb sheet information: 6 layers FR4, copper thickness 102, lead-free spray tin, minimum hole 0.2MM, green oil white

Project requirements: pcba processing one-stop

SMT points: 117

Dip points: 129

Inspection requirements: General Standards implement IPC-610E-2

Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM

Other requirements: Note: The mother can not pass through the tin, so as to avoid excessive blocking of the tin.

Product packaging: red bubble roll packaging, no more than 5 per package


PCB packaging

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