Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB

Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB

Our Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB products mainly include the single layer and the double layer, as well as the multilayer circuit board.

Product Details

Basic Info

Product Name:Single Sided Custom Multilayer PCB

Place of Origin:CN;GUA

Base Material:FR-4,CEM-3,Taconic,Rogers,ALU,FR-1

Min. Line Width:3mil

Brand Name:FAST PCBA

Copper Thickness:0.3oz-3oz

Board Thickness:0.3mm-6mm

Min. Line Spacing:3mil

Surface Finishing:Immersion Gold/Au, HASL, OSP, Immersion silver, etc.

Min. Hole Size:0.2mm

Product name:Smd Rigid Pcb To Smd Single-Sided Pcba For Security Pcb Manufacturer


PCB Tolerance of finished thickness:±5%

Solder mask:Green/black/white/red/blue/yellow

Hole tolerance:PTH:±0.075,NTPH:±0.05

Max board size:1200mm*600mm

profiling punching:Routing, V-CUT, Beveling

Layer Count:1-48

Wrap and twist:5%

PCB Standard:IPC-A-610 E Class II-III 


Description of the board product

Our single-sided custom multilayer PCB products are available in single and double layers as well as multilayer boards. The most common ones are single-layer and double-layer boards, but the above three layers are called multilayer boards.

The shape, size, color, model and quantity of single-sided custom multilayer PCBs have different requirements for different industries.

Single-sided custom multi-layer definition

The single side and the double side of the surface are different in the number of layers of copper. Both sides of the double panel are provided with copper and can be connected by hole conduction. However, there is only one layer of copper on one side, and only a simple line can be used. The hole can only be used for plugging and can not be used for lead.

PCB (2)

PCB / PCBA Description:

1. Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer PCB, competitive price, good quality and excellent service.

2. FR-4, FR-4 high TG, CEM-1, CEM-3, aluminum based materials.

3. HAL, HAL lead-free, immersion gold / silver / tin, OSP surface treatment.

4. The printed circuit board meets the requirements of 94V0 and complies with the IPC610 Class 2 international PCB standard.

5. The range ranges from prototype to medium and mass production.


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