Single Layer Ceramic PCB

Single Layer Ceramic PCB

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China single layer ceramic pcb OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn single layer ceramic pcb production prototypes and samples from our factory. Single Layer Ceramic PCB Partnumber: FASTPCBA-029 Specs: Size: 80MM*96MM Min hole...

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Single Layer Ceramic PCB

The classification of PCB assembly cleaning agents and solvents

 In the process of SMT and DIP assembly, it will requires cleaning agent and solvent to clean up some residual material. According to the different needs of cleaning substances, cleaning agents and solvent can also be divided into a variety of types.

pcb assembly process flow

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1, According to the solvent composition, can be divided into:

A, Organic polar solvents: Alcohol, isotropic alcohol, etc., have good solubility of flux. Of course, flammable and volatile, the amount is also great.The advantage is less residue, no damage to the substrate.Online cleaning steel plate is better, but flammable.pcba

B, Organic non-polar solvents: such as various hydrocarbons, alkane ‘s.They are non-flammable and dissolve well. However, the residue is large, not easy to dry, the PCB may be dissolved.Generally used in cleaning machines.

C, Alkaline solvents and surfactant:Solubility is good, but it is best to work with rinsing and drying equipment to get rid of the residue.

medical pcb assembly

2,According to application of solvent, can be divided into:

A, Online SMT steel plant cleaning, the machine will automatically add solvent to the wipe paper,it can use spray,drop and other methods.It requires good volatility, low residual, non-flammable. Because too much residue will be diluted solder paste, affecting the printing effect.pcb assembly 

B, For PCB cleaning, it require substrate safety.You know, PCB return white often appear, mainly with the choice of solvent type, solvents that are not completely compatible with the solder residue will can cause the PCB to return white.

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