Masters for printed circuit boards

Masters for printed circuit boards

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Masters for printed circuit boards, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Cem-1 94v0 pcb board production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Basic production information of the product:

Goods classification: multilayer PCBA

PCB board information: single-sided multilayer board, board thickness: 1.6MM, copper thickness 2OZ, immersion gold, black oil and white letters, thermal conductivity 2W / M.K, single-chip size 20.1 * 21.17MM

Industrial Applications of Circuit Boards: Industrial Control

Order quantity: 50pcs

FASTPCBA is a professional PCB manufacturer, FPC manufacturer, PCBA assembly, aluminum PCB manufacturer with 15 years of industry manufacturing experience in China

We also provide PCB cloning services and PCB design services

What we can do for you:

♥ 1-20 layer FR-4 PCB board, 1-2 layer aluminum 'PCB, 1-4 layer PCB

♥ 1-6 oz copper thickness

♥ 0.2mm hole size, 0.1mm track width / space

PCB prototype

Product process information:

Production process flow: smt, dip

Solder paste requirements: lead-free solder paste, specifications Ag0.3 / Cu0.7 / 20-38uM

Single-sided patch: 1. Pay attention to check the grounding effect at the bottom of D1-D4 bits, which must reach more than 80% on the tin;

2. The tin spot on the bottom of the LED on the X-RAY is more than 3%, and the sample needs to be fully inspected;

3 Use A10 special solder paste (QD9308-Q11-4F)

PCB (2)

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