Cem-1 94v0 pcb board

Cem-1 94v0 pcb board

Board Thickness Tolerance:±10% Laser drill hole size:0.1mm PCB Test:100% Testing PCBA Test:100% Function Testing PCB Test:Test-rig,Flying Probe Test

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Cem-1 94v0 pcb board



Engineering institute in Taiwan (IEK) analysts point out that benefit from the global economic recovery and overall consumption in emerging countries, Taiwan PCB industry in 2011 is expected to grow 29% global moving further into China cic advisory capacity analysis, according to a report in the printed circuit board industry in China under the situation of domestic growth and global capacity for transfer, will enter the high-speed growth period.By 2014, China's PCB industry will account for 41.92% of the world's total.

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Low concentration of pollutants in PCB enterprises.As we all know, the production of PCB has high requirements on water, most of which is pure water. The waste water discharged is mainly the waste water brought out when the board is pumped.It can be seen from the table that compared with other polluting industries, the pollutant concentration of PCB enterprises in discharging wastewater is very low, especially COD, which is only 1/10 of that of other polluting industries.

 The waste water discharged by PCB is less polluted to fresh water.Because circuit boards require high water use and are tightly controlled in production, they are much less likely to discharge salt (or electrical conductivity) in their wastewater than other industries.In terms of the protection of freshwater resources, salt is a key indicator. Any salt is pollution to freshwater resources.So by comparison, the circuit board company can only call it low pollution

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 Belong to epoxy glass cloth base sheet.

 The CEM-1 plate is formed by the glass fiber cloth base semi-solidified sheet cover with wood pulp paper base semi-solidified sheet laminated copper foil.The main materials are brominated epoxy resin, solvent, curing accelerator, inorganic filler, fiberglass cloth, wood pulp paper, copper foil, etc.The manufacturing process includes the first gluing (water-soluble resin) of wood pulp paper, second gluing (flame retardant epoxy resin) of wood pulp paper, and glass fiber cloth base gluing (flame retardant epoxy resin). After gluing, two semi-curing sheets are combined with laminated copper foil to enter the press for hot pressing and finally form the CEM-1 sheet.


Third, insufficient publicity has led to misunderstanding.


Circuit board is a high-tech enterprise. Generally, it adopts a confidential situation in production, so the outside world has no understanding of the production process of circuit board.Such as the use of cyanide and circuit board industry is just in the gold-plated and heavy use a small amount of cyanide gold thread, and the wastewater is treated with online gold recovery process after the emissions from plants, so basically no cyanide in the waste water pollution, and the concentration of alkaline copper electroplating factory use and emission was not at all, but now as long as see the production line has the use of cyanide plating with cyanide and equivalent.


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