Car Security System Circuit Board

Car Security System Circuit Board

Car Security System circuit board The following are some of the factors that can contribute to poor board quality during PCB manufacturing and PCBA assembly. 1,the substrate processing problems: especially for some thinner substrates (generally 0.8mm below), because the substrate less rigid,...

Product Details

Circuit Board Auto Security System

Our pcb manufacturing services: suitable for consumer electronics, two-way radios, home security systems, baby safety monitors, computers, industrial control and other industries. Welcome to consult

Requirements for PCB or PCB assembly documents

1) Gerber file of PCB board

2) Bill of materials

To shorten delivery time, please advertise us if there is any acceptable component replacement product.

3) Test methods and test fixtures (if necessary).

4) Programming files and programming tools (if necessary)

5) Schematic diagram when necessary

Pcba manufacturing equipment

We can also provide customers with other services

1) Design services

2) Clone and copy services

3) Prototyping services

4) Mold manufacturing and injection

5) FPC production

6) Cable and wire assemblies

7) Product certification services

PCB prototype

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