Pcb Circuit Board Assembly Car Headlights

Pcb Circuit Board Assembly Car Headlights

Car headlights pcb circuit board assembly During PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) process, the soldering points maybe failed because of reasons. Here comes main reasons for the failure: 1. Components foot/ legs defective: coating, pollution, oxidation, common surface; 2. Solder pad...

Product Details

Pcb Circuit Board Assembly Car Headlights

Product Name: RECLEDIR V1.0

Specification model: aluminum-based LED light board, adhesive backing and components, custom packaging

Unit of measure: 280pcs

Steel mesh: steel mesh printing, laser printing

Reflow setting: The maximum temperature of reflow soldering is between 244-246 degrees, and the welding time of over 230 °C is controlled within 40S.

Test and paste heat pad:

  1. When testing, refer to the "Test Guide", pay attention to the power consumption current and lamp flash of the product. 2. When the heat-dissipating rubber pad is mounted, the bubble part is pinched with the needle and then flattened, with bubbles and wrinkles. The product cannot be shipped.

14 years of PCB manufacturing experience

PCB board information: single-sided aluminum substrate, black solder mask, 2oz, 1.6mm, white characters, immersion gold, fascia, electrical test, through-hole and metal substrate connection.

SMT points: 160

DIP points: 70

What are the materials in the order: Ceramic capacitor, infrared emitter, rectifier diode, schottky diode, SMD magnetic bead, other connector, shield, SMD inductor, chip resistor, thermistor, zener diode, TO, SOP, thermal conductive pad

PCB prototype

Product details:

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