Circuit board auto stereo system

Circuit board auto stereo system

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Circuit board auto stereo system OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Car Electronics Pcba production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Product introduction of car stereo system pcb board:

1. This Auto stereo system is suitable for the PCB of the automotive industry, so it has high reliability and long life. We offer automotive-specific PCBs in a variety of materials, composites and structures. It performs well under the harsh conditions of the automotive industry. We have a lot of pcb experience in automotive electronics, including display PCBs, engine circuits and various electronic components such as transmissions, car media, etc.

2. Auto stereo system pcb board is a high temperature laminate, copper and aluminum substrates perform well in harsh automotive applications. Differential copper plating is unique. The first 20 ounces of copper and the second ounce of copper will be typical of differential copper. This technology provides signal application on one side and high power on the other side. Automotive Electronics Pcba has passed IATF16949:2016 certification, so quality is guaranteed.

PCB prototype

Number of floors: 4 layers FR4 1.6mm

Pcb sheet information: 4 layers of FR4 inner layer copper thickness 0.5, outer layer 1OZ plate thickness 1.1MM surface treatment sinking gold, LPI green oil, white characters

Surface treatment: HASL

Copper size: 0.5 ounces

Blue solder mask and white silk screen

Assembled with DIP and SMT

Pcba manufacturing equipment



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