Pcb Circuit Board Assembly Car DVD Player

Pcb Circuit Board Assembly Car DVD Player

Car DVD player pcb circuit board assembly 1.Surface Mount Technology 2.Through-Hole Assembly Technology 3.Mixed Assembly Technology 4.Conventional Leaded Technology 5.Special Processes 6.RoHs 7.Inspection Methods 9.Prompt and Superior Service 8.Conformal coating 9.Prompt and Superior Service

Product Details

FASTPCBA can provide you with the best electronic manufacturing services

PCB production services (FR-4, HI-TG, aluminum, FPC, PTFE, Rogers, CEM-1), FPC, PCB replication services

1.PCB assembly services (SMT, BGA, DIP)

2.IC program with HEX file

3.PCBA shell assembly service

4.PCBA final functional test

5.PCBA Copy Service

6. Electronic parts procurement and BOM procurement services

7.PCB SMT mold (laser cutting and etching)


Key Specifications / Special Features:

The application industries of pcb board are: for consumer, medical, network, peripherals and telecommunications

Circuit board: 1 to 22 layers of PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and shell molding

Enclosure cabinet shell: injection molding, metal stamping, manufacturing and assembly

Test: PCBA online test (Agilent) PCBA functional test (Agilent), AOI (OMRON) and X-ray inspection


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