Prototype pcb assembly

Prototype pcb assembly

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Prototype pcb assembly OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn car automotive electronics board production prototypes and samples from our factory.

Product Details

Key Specifications / Special Features:

pcb board material: FR4 1.6mm

Copper for pcb board: 1.0z

Surface treatment process: Lead-free HASL

Our base materials: high temperature FR4, aluminum based, polyimide, royals, arlon and other Teflon

pcb layers: 1 to 40 standard PCBs, blind and buried vias

Minimum track space: Allows 4 and 3 mil sections

Maximum plate thickness: 6mm

Surface treatment: HAL, lead-free HAL, organic OSP, hard and soft gold-plated tin, immersion silver, immersion tin and electroless nickel plating


We also provide one-stop PCB contract manufacturing services

FASTPCBA provides a wide range of PCB manufacturing, engineering and processing services, including high-precision SMT installation with internal vertical integration, plastic injection molding, high-volume metal stamping, die-casting and custom manufacturing of circuit boards

There are more than 5 SMT production lines in our factory

Test: PCBA online test, AOI component assembly quality inspection, X-ray inspection

PCBA clean room inspection: Class 100, 1K and 10K

Since January 2018, we have also launched an ERP order management system

We quote for customers within 1-4 working days and reply emails within 6 hours

Our pcb product experience range includes: industrial pcb, automotive pcb, computer pcb, storage pcb, consumer electronics pcb, instrumentation pcb, medical pcb, network control pcb, peripheral pcb and telecommunication pcb, etc.


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