Car Air Purifier 94v0 Circuit Board

Car Air Purifier 94v0 Circuit Board

Car air purifier 94v0 circuit board Many buyers may be confused about PCB price, here FASTPCBA will talk bout the composition of the PCB price factors. 1, Material Ordinary double-sided board, for example, material is generally FR4 (Shengyi, Jiantao, Guoji, three prices from top to bottom), the...

Product Details

Product Details

PCB layout and manufacturing

Parts procurement

PCB assembly with through-hole and surface mount technology

Mechanical assembly of cables and harnesses

Internal programming

Full function test



PCB design, layout, manufacturing, assembly and functional test IC accuracy

Pinch distance: 0.4mm

Lead-free technology SMT process up to 22 layers of mixed assembly technology

For network, communication and industrial control

Product type: SMT, through-hole BGA, COB plastic die-casting sheet X-ray and ICT test according to IPC 610 manufacturing standard

Quotation requirements:

Gerber file and Bom list

Provide us with clear PCBA or PCBA sample pictures

PCBA test method

1 layer 1-20 layers

2 materials FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, high TG, FR4 halogen-free, FR-1, FR-2, aluminum

3 plate thickness 0.2mm-7mm

4 Maximum finished plate surface 500mm * 500mm

5 minimum drilling size 0.25mm

6 minimum line width 0.075mm (3mil)

7 minutes line spacing 0.075mm (3 million)


8Surface polishing / treatment HALS / HALS lead-free, chemical tin, chemical gold, gold immersion gold, silver / gold, Osp, gold

9 copper thickness 0.5-4.0oz

10 solder mask color green / black / white / red / blue / yellow

11 inner packaging anti-static bag

12 Outer Packaging Standard Carton Packaging

13 hole tolerance PTH: ± 0.076, NTPH: ± 0.05

14 profile punching process, V-CUT, groove

15 Assembly Services Provide OEM services for various printed circuit board assembly

Key competitive advantages:

Accept small orders

PCB prototype

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