Blood Pressure Monitor Pcb Board

Blood Pressure Monitor Pcb Board

Max board size:1200mm*600mm DK Thickness:0.076 to 6.00mm Board Thickness Tolerance:±10%

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Blood Pressure Monitor pcb board

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The circuit board production needs to draw the circuit schematic diagram in advance, and realize any function required for the design on the circuit schematic diagram. In the design, the layout of the external link of the circuit board and the layout of the internal components must be considered. Various factors such as optimized layout of wiring and through holes, electromagnetic protection, and heat dissipation. Excellent layout design can save production costs and achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation. Simple layout designs can be implemented manually, and complex layout designs need to be implemented with computer-aided design (CAD).


PROTEL is the EDA software launched by Altium in the late 1980s. In the CAD software of the electronics industry, it is well-deserved in front of many EDA software. It is the software of choice for electronic designers. It was used in China earlier. The penetration rate in the country is also the highest. Some colleges and universities also offer courses to learn it. Almost all electronic companies use it. Many large companies often write requirements on their condition boards when recruiting electronic design talents. Will use PROTEL. The early PROTEL was mainly used as a printed board automatic routing tool. It runs in a DOS environment and has low hardware requirements. It can run under 1M memory without a hard disk 286 machine, but it has fewer functions, only the circuit schematic. Drawing and printed board design functions, the routing rate of the printed board automatic routing is also low, and today's PROTEL has developed to DXP 2004, is a huge EDA software, fully installed with more than 200 M, it works in WINDOWS95 environment , is a complete board-level all-round electronic design system, which includes circuit schematic drawing, mixed circuit simulation of analog circuit and digital circuit, multilayer printed circuit board design (including printed circuit board automatic routing), programmable logic device Design, chart generation, spreadsheet generation, macro operation support, etc., and has a Client/Server (client/server) architecture, and is also compatible with some other design software file formats, such as ORCAD, PSPICE, EXCEL, etc. Automated routing of printed circuit boards enables 100% throughput of high density PCBs. PROTEL software is relatively easy to buy in China, and there are many books about PROTEL software and instructions for use, which provides a basis for its popularity. To learn more about PROTEL's software features or to download a trial version of PROTEL99, you can do it on the INTERNET.

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That is PowerPCB, I call it the innocent king in the low end, it is the best one I think in all low-end pcb software, easy to use, easy to use, the quality of the board will not be better than wg, allegro, etc. Inferior, now the most widely used eda software on the market, suitable for most small and medium-sized businesses.

PADSLayout (PowerPCB) provides interfaces to other PCB design software, CAM processing software, and mechanical design software to facilitate data conversion and transfer in different design environments.

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The soldering process of the board is an important part of the board manufacturing process. When the board is soldered, it often happens that the solder is not soldered or the copper foil of the board is broken. Therefore, it is necessary to master certain skills in soldering to solder the board.


Before the board is soldered, we need to clean the solder joints on the board to remove the dirt on the board and the surface of the solder. In order to expose the color of the copper foil itself. Remove the outer skin from the power cord and scrape the copper with a blade. Is to adjust the problem of the soldering iron, the temperature is generally controlled at about 260 degrees, then we need to put the wire on the surface of the copper foil, quickly put the soldering iron on the solder wire, when the solder melts, it should be lifted immediately The soldering iron is used, and at this time, the solder forms a hemispherical shape on the surface of the copper foil of the circuit board. In the process of soldering the wire, the solder wire and the wire are put together for soldering, and the soldering iron is placed on the side of the wire, the solder wire is melted and infiltrated into the wire, and the wire is soldered to form a shape resembling a match head.


The wire of the soldering wire and the copper foil of the circuit board with the solder are placed, and the two solders are fused by the temperature of the soldering iron, and the welding is completed. The thickness and size of the welding wire should be reasonably selected for the size of the solder joint. The soldering iron should not be placed on the solder for a long time, otherwise the rosin will volatilize and the solder has poor fluidity, making it difficult to form a good solder joint. The temperature of the soldering iron should be controlled within a reasonable range. Otherwise, the rosin will quickly evaporate because the temperature is too high. If the temperature is too low, the soldering is not reliable, affecting the stability of the soldering, and the fusion fluidity is poor.

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