Automotive Control Circuit Board

Automotive Control Circuit Board

Automotive control circuit board

Product Details

Board thickness: 0.6 to 3mm

Maximum panel size: 550 x 660mm

Minimum hole diameter: 0.35mm

Minimum line width and space: 0.1mm

Surface: immersion gold and HASL

Twist and warp less than 1%

RoHS Directive-compliant


Process information for the product:

Production process: leaded process

The process of the production process is: SMT+DIP

Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM

Double-sided patch: Priority production U17 digit surface The heavier component should be evaluated with a red pulse, and the pen will be dropped when it passes through the furnace.

SMT welding requirements: 1. Sampling U5 position master printing and post-furging effect;

2 The position of the empty pad cannot be tinned (use a piece of adhesive tape to seal the large area where the parts are not attached as shown in the circle below)

3. Produced by lead-free process, PCB, etc. may be leaded, and the maintenance of the iron head is separated.


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