Automobile Electron Pcb Board

Automobile Electron Pcb Board

Certificate:ISO9001,UL,TS16949 Assembly:Available Delivery:sample 3-7 days

Product Details

Automobile electron pcb board

Product manufacturing information:

Goods classification: 10-layer PCBA

PCB industry applications: automotive circuit boards

PCB board information: single-sided aluminum substrate material 6061 1.6mm, 2oz, single-sided black solder mask, white characters, gold, hole and substrate conduction

Circuit board size: 201MM diameter circle

Production process: lead-free process

Production process: SMT + dip + test

Order quantity: 500pcs

PCB prototype

Product production process video:

Product feature :

A switched reluctance motor(SRM) drive system used in electric vehicles was designed, which utilized TMS320LF2407 as main controller. 

The automobile industry is in the era of scientific and technological innovation. Traditional mechanical and electrical products have become high-tech products, and the automobile industry has become a high-tech equipment industry.


PCB Product Parameter :


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