Asthma Machine Pcb Circuit Board

Asthma Machine Pcb Circuit Board

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Asthma machine pcb circuit board

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I believe everyone knows that the 2D X-Ray that already exists in the PCBA electronics factory is very limited. It is probably to see the "wire bond" of the gold wire or copper wire in the integrated circuit IC. No breaks, breaks, traces on the board, obvious shorts, and solder joints such as BGA, QFN or LGA hidden under the part body are solder shorts, and then check the bubbles, Whether the size of the void is excessive or not.


The HIP (Pillow Effect), NWO (Non-Wet-Open), Crack, etc., which really make the PCBA electronics factory process troublesome, are difficult to detect with the original [2D X-Ray], although it is still possible to pass certain Personal experience using [2D X-Ray] to determine whether the BGA has empty welding, but after all, its ability is really very limited.


[3D X-Ray CT] basically rotates the sample 360° at a tilt angle of 45°/60°, basically scanning an ordinary 3D X-Ray image takes about 10-15 minutes to do it beforehand. Take the action, then spend 15 to 20 minutes to scan, then spend 5 to 10 minutes to combine a 3D picture, so it takes about 30 minutes to make a 3D X-Ray picture.


The reason why this is because every [3D X-Ray] scan takes about 30 minutes to complete a stereo image. If you want to see the "microcrack" you have to improve the resolution of the scan, that is, you have to The scanned area is limited to the size of one to four tin balls (depending on the size of the microcrack gap), so the overall scan is very tiring and time. If it is an external laboratory, this cost is not cheap, scan A picture may cost NT15,000~NT30,000 (not guaranteed).


This is also very well understood. Generally speaking, the larger the atomic order, the larger the composition of the atom, the harder it is for X-Ray to pass, so the darker the image, the similarity in density and thickness. Because X-Ray is an energy, the bigger the obstacle, the less likely it is to pass.
Therefore, if there are holes and bubbles in the IC package, because the black glue and the hole have obvious density difference, the position of the hole can be clearly separated by X-Ray, and the gold wire in the IC package (the atomic order of gold: 79), copper wire (copper atomic sequence: 29) can also be clearly distinguished from silicon wafers (silicon atomic: 14), but if it is COB aluminum wire it is difficult to distinguish from silicon wafers. (Atomical order of aluminum: 13), because the atomic order of the two is too close.


Defect inspections in IC packages such as integrity testing of gold wires, cracks in vinyl, silver glue and black gel bubbles.
Defects that may occur in the printed circuit board and carrier process, such as poor line alignment or bridging and open circuit, plating hole process quality inspection, and multi-layer board layer configuration analysis. Defect inspection of open circuits, short circuits or abnormal connections that may occur in various electronic products. Integrity inspection of solder balls in solder ball array package and chip package: such as solder ball deformation, tin cracking, solder ball air cold soldering, solder ball short circuit, HIP, NWO, solder ball bubble. High-density plastic material cracking or metal material void inspection. Various types of active and passive components are detected and analyzed. Inspection and analysis of various material structures. For example: material analysis of alloys, angle analysis of glass fiber weaving

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