Assembly Service Set Top Box Pcb

Assembly Service Set Top Box Pcb

PCBA Test:X-ray,AOI Test,Functional test Application:LED,medical,industrial Device Testing points:4000

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Assembly service set top box pcb

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The pad used for the substrate is larger than the general pad and has a special package, which is the difference between CX0201 and X mark and C0201. Finished as follows:
0603 pad: 1.02mmX0.92mm pad window area: 0.9mmX0.8mm, the middle of the two pads is 1.5mm.
0402 pad: The window opening area of the 0.62mmX0.62mm pad: 0.5mmX0.5mm, and the distance between the two pads is 1.0mm.
0201 pad: 0.42mmX0.42mm pad window opening area: 0.3mmX0.3mm, the middle of the two pads is 0.55mm.

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PCB Fabrication Product Parameter :

STB(Set Top Box) product feature :

(1) can indicate the status of indoor equipment, CATV network and program resources;Can use the user's TV screen to display messages and menus from service companies and information providers.

(2) transfer the user's choice information to the service center or information provider.

(3) to provide users with basic terminal control functions, such as the ability to fast forward, fast reverse, pause and record VCR functions when watching video on-demand (VOD) programs.

(4) with two-way communication ability, it can realize TV shopping, remote teaching and VOD, etc.

(5) can be connected to the home computer.

(6) capable of signal transmission, modulation and demodulation and ATM protocol processing.

(7) it can monitor public equipment and conduct telemetry and feedback of signal transmission performance.

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