2 Layer alu PCB service

2 Layer alu PCB service

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China 2 layer alu pcb OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn 2 layer alu pcb production prototypes and samples from our factory. 2 layer Aluminum bare PCB( LED power driver PCB) Partnumber: FASTPCBA-028 Specs: Size:...

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Product Details

2 Layer alu PCB service





Laminate materials


Board cutting

Number of layers


Min. Thickness for inner layers 

(Cu thickness are excluded)


Board thickness




Single/Double layer: 0.008±0.004”

4 layer: 0.01±0.008”

8 layer: 0.01±0.008”

Bow and twist


Copper weight

Outer Cu weight

0.5-4 oz

Inner Cu weight

0.5-3 oz


Min size

0.0078” (0.2mm)

Drill deviation

±0.002” (0.05mm)

PTH hole tolerance

±0.002” (0.005mm)

NPTH hole tolerance

±0.002” (0.005mm)


Min hole size

0.0008” (0.02mm)

Aspect ratio

20 (5:1)

Solder mask



Min solder mask clearanace

0.003” (0.07mm)






Min size

0.006” (0.15mm)


Flying Probe Tester


Controlled Impedance



Impedance tester

Tektronix TDS8200

Surface Finish

HASL,ENIG,immersion silver,immersion tin,OSP...


Production Flow



1.Onestop PCBA PCB assemblies service: PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, PCB Assemblies,PCBA Function Test solution.

2.We have been is PCB and PCBA assembly business since 1998, mainly specialized in Medical electronic, Industrial     Automation, Security products, Communicaiton electronic,Electrical energy etc.

3.Cooperate with Schneider, Berguist, Light force many years with principal of "Quality derives from responsibility". 


Company Information


FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 14 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of HDI PCB, with production capability 35,000 square meters. FASTPCBA is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service,including components sourcing, function test,conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world, Our main market is Europe, north USA,Australia, South America, and Asia.


We have profuse experience in manufacturing PCB. Fastpcba PCB daily capacity is 1200 square meters, we can deliver the Single sided, Double sided PCB sample within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB in 3-5 working days,for the batch quantity for double side PCB,The lead time is 3-5 working days, 4-8 layers is 5-8 days. The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market. We have imported the advanced machinery from US,Japan,German and Israel to improve our production and technical ability.We have set a great example the PCB field of flying probe testing,buried and blind via and special controlled impedance.We have a highly developed R&D division which has helped our factory successfully produce mechanical micro via,high density impedance and HDI.



1. Our company through TS16949: 2009 quality system certification, exports of      processed products comply with European standards

2. There is no minimum order quantity restrictions, full support from proofing to  batch. 

3. Professional component sourcing team, centralized purchasing, you save  procurement costs, labor costs, quality costs.

4. Fast Proofing: SMT samples 24 hours of delivery.

5. Our main customer groups: medical, industrial, security, communications,  electricity and other high-end

6.Shenzhen Jingbang technology in the "customers want a little more for our  customers to do more to root for quality, service-oriented" service purposes.


Our Services







Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCB order?

A:  The customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file.If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.

Q: What does FASTPCBA need for a customized PCBA order?

A: When you place a PCBA order, you need to provide Gerber or pcb file and the BOM list to FASTPCBA.

Q: What is your quotation policy?

A: For the PCB order in large quantity, FASTPCBA will send you the quotation based on the MOQ of the products concerned, and the price will be reasonable with good quality.

Q: What does FASTPCBA need for other services?

A: For PCB clone service, the customer needs to send us the printed circuit board concerned,and also the sharp photos of its front side and the back side. 

Q: How about the service FASTPCBA offered to the customers?

A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry toour customer service representatives, Your satisfaction is our pursuits.



Place of Origin:CN;GUA
Base Material:FR-4,CEM-3,Taconic,Rogers,ALU,FR-1
Min. Line Width:3mil
Brand Name:FAST PCBA
Copper Thickness:0.3oz-3oz
Board Thickness:0.3mm-6mm
Min. Line Spacing:3mil
Surface Finishing:Immersion Gold/Au, HASL, OSP, Immersion silver, etc.
Min. Hole Size:0.2mm
Product name:Smd Rigid Pcb To Smd Single-Sided Pcba For Security Pcb Manufacturer

PCB Tolerance of finished thickness:±5%
Solder mask:Green/black/white/red/blue/yellow
Hole tolerance:PTH:±0.075,NTPH:±0.05
Max board size:1200mm*600mm
profiling punching:Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
Layer Count:1-48
Wrap and twist:5%
PCB Standard:IPC-A-610 E Class II-III 

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