Aluminum pcb for led

Aluminum pcb for led

Tolerance of Impedence Control:5% Wrap and twist:5% Minimun thickness of soldermask:10um Soldermask:Green/ White/ Black/ Blue/ Yellow/ Red etc

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  Aluminum pcb for led



Since world war ii, there has been almost no big change in specifications.Unlike CCL, the price of fiberglass is most affected by supply and demand, with prices fluctuating between $0.50 and $1.00 per meter in recent years.

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According to the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, it can be divided into raw material - copper clad board - printed circuit board - electronic product application.

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 When setting up the Layer of the resistance welding Layer, select the crossing hole to indicate no resistance welding on the crossing hole, and no crossing hole to indicate home resistance welding, as determined according to the specific situation



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Test PCB for short circuit or circuit break condition, can use optical or electronic test.Optical scans are used to find faults in each layer, while electronic tests usually use the Flying Probe to check all connections.Electronic tests are more accurate in finding short circuits or breaks, but optical tests can more easily detect incorrect gaps between conductors.


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