PCB assembly Pcb Manufacturing

PCB assembly Pcb Manufacturing

Electronic circuit board is composed of different conductive layers, when you need to make different layers connected together on electric, usually use a through hole pcb circuit board. 94v0 Pcb Manufacturing According Gerber File supports UDP, TCP protocol; support data transparent transmission. Industrial design, suitable for outdoor harsh environment.

Product Details

Basic information about the product:

Product code: 2F1809A0-PCBA

Product use: agricultural machinery

Plb plate information: 130*126MM/2PCS, double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.6MM, 1.5OZ, lead-free spray tin, single piece size 130*58MM, green oil white

Order quantity of the product: 30pcs

Production cycle time: 5 days


Product manufacturing process description:

Process technology: lead-free process

Material inspection: no inspection required

Baking: pcb board needs to be baked for 8h

Solder paste requirements: Thousand Islands: Sn99/Ag0. 3/Cu0. 7/20~38wm; Henkel Loctite: Sn96. 5/Ag3/Cu0. 5/20-38-wm

Patch device: yamaha

QC inspection before the furnace: visual inspection, check for errors and leaks

Reflow soldering setting: reflow soldering maximum temperature is 245-248 °C, super 230 °C soldering time control 40-60S

Plug-in soldering: hand soldering, soldering iron soldering temperature is 330 ° C -350 ° C, penetration requirements of 50% or more.

pcb manufacture

pcb assembly

Material used by the board:

PCB, chip capacitor, chip tantalum capacitor, chip resistor, SMD LED, SMD diode, SMD MOS, SMD IC, SMD optocoupler, SMD insurance, SMD button, Plug-in network port, plug-in connection , plug-in pin, plug-in switch, plug-in USB, plug-in crystal, USB cable

pcb prototype

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