China pcb online weighing machine

China pcb online weighing machine

Most printed circuit boards are manufactured using glass-reinforced epoxy laminate as the substrate. While there are a wide variety of laminates available on the market, FR-4 is both versatile and well-accepted as a standard material for PCB manufacture. FR-4 functions well as an electrical...

Product Details

Basic information about the product:

Circuit board product code: 2G3702A0-PCBA

Circuit board use: weight machine

Pcb sheet information: copper thickness: loz thickness: 1.6 MM material: FR4 surface treatment: HASL solder mask: green silk screen characters: white

Circuit board inspection method: manual visual inspection

Production quantity: 300pcs

Production cycle: 3 days


Pcba manufacturing equipment

Product description information for the product:

Production process: lead-free soldering process

Process flow: smt+dip+ packaging

Smt points: 30

Dip points: 7

Project requirements: pcba one stop

Welding requirements: welding maximum temperature is 243-245 ° C, super 230 ° C welding time control 40-60S.

Circuit board cleaning method: Washing water can not corrode to the internal contacts of the connector

Product transportation method: air transportation

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