Aluminum pcb board assembly

Aluminum pcb board assembly

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Aluminum pcb board assembly


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Circuit layer

The circuit layer (usually electrolytic copper foil) is etched to form printed circuit, which is used to realize the device assembly and connection.Using the same thickness, the same line width, the aluminum substrate is capable of carrying higher currents than conventional fr-4


Insulating layer

Insulating layer is the most core technology of aluminum substrate, which mainly functions as adhesion, insulation and heat conduction.The insulating layer of aluminum substrate is the largest thermal barrier in power module structure.The better the insulation layer's thermal conductivity is, the more conducive it is to the heat diffusion generated during the device's operation, and the more favorable it is to reduce the device's operating temperature, so as to improve the power load of the module, reduce the volume, prolong the life and improve the power output.



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The metal base

 Aluminum plate (metal matrix cooling plate (containing aluminum plate, copper substrate, iron base board)) is low alloying Al - Mg alloy plate - Si high plasticity (see below) structure, it has a good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and machining performance, aluminum plate, compared with the traditional FR - 4 using the same thickness, the same line width, aluminum plate can support higher current, aluminum plate can be up to 4500 v voltage, coefficient of thermal conductivity is greater than 2.0, is given priority to with aluminum plate in the industry.

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dopts surface mount technology (SMT);

Is a very effective treatment of thermal diffusion in circuit design. 

Lower product operating temperature, improve product power density and reliability, prolong product life;

Reduces product volume and hardware and assembly costs;

Replaces fragile ceramic substrates for better mechanical durability



Aluminum base copper clad plate is a kind of metal circuit board material, which is composed of copper foil, thermal insulation layer and metal base plate. Its structure is divided into three layers:

Layer line Layer: copper clad plate equivalent to ordinary PCB, line copper foil thickness of loz to 10oz.

DielcctricLayer insulating layer: the insulating layer is a layer of low thermal resistance thermal insulation material.Thickness: 0.003 "to 0.006" inches is the core technology of aluminum clad copper sheet and has been certified by UL.

BaseLayer base: metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper of choice.Aluminum clad copper sheet and traditional epoxy glass cloth laminate etc.

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According to the process, aluminum substrate can be divided into: tin aluminum base plate, alumina base plate, silver-plated aluminum base plate, gold alloy base plate, etc.It can be divided into: street lamp aluminum substrate, fluorescent lamp aluminum substrate, LB aluminum substrate, COB aluminum substrate, encapsulated aluminum substrate, bulb lamp aluminum substrate, power supply aluminum substrate, automobile aluminum substrate, etc.


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