94v-0 fr4 pcb board

94v-0 fr4 pcb board

Type:Electronic PCB Assembly Certification:CE,FCC,UL,SGS,ROHS,ISO9001,IATF16949 Type of services:pcb design, pcb copy, pcb reverse engineering

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 94v-0 fr4 pcb board

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the short-term impact of the Japanese earthquake on the supply of some PCB raw materials is conducive to the transfer of production capacity to Taiwan and the mainland in the medium and long term

 high-end PCB manufacturers are accelerating production expansion in China, and technology, capacity and order transfer are the trend

 the supply chain in Japan is broken, and PCB plants in China and South Korea will be big winners, according to Taiwan central news


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Based on the above reasons, what should we do in the circuit board industry?We must take the initiative to remove the "hat" on our head, for our industry to create a wider development space.I think we should start from the following aspects.

Industry self-discipline should be led by our industry association, regularly or irregularly through various channels to investigate the PCB enterprises, for the adoption of cleaner production or new technology, new energy saving and emission reduction process, the steadfast enterprise, should be promoted in the industry, praise, and in various ministries and commissions for such companies to provide real help.On the contrary, we should resolutely expose and report to the relevant authorities for punishment for those enterprises that are cheating and have no sense of social responsibility.Only by preventing the crisis, our industry can be widely recognized by the public and develop healthily.


Actively carry out technical innovation


At present, China vigorously advocates cleaner production and energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, and our PCB enterprises should respond positively and strive to make every member unit do real clean production to reduce waste discharge, including waste tank liquid.Our member organizations can generate economic benefits through technological innovation, and then use our actions to influence the surrounding enterprises.

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Soon, our industry new pollutant emission standards, is about to come on all the enterprises should take this opportunity to actively adopt advanced sewage treatment technology, water reuse technology, clean production technology, the traditional process of original rectification, so as to make our company more energetic, quickly remove pollution enterprise's hat.


In the process of promoting new standards and new technologies, our trade association can organize members to study and exchange, and invite experienced experts in the industry to interpret new standards, promote new technologies, discuss new technologies and so on.Our association also can organize expert team to come to serve for member unit, solve worry for member unit.This can not only provide a platform for enterprises to communicate, but also promote enterprises to adapt to the current industrial situation as soon as possible.

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The 21st century is an open era. If we have something good, we should show it.Our PCB enterprises should do a good job in publicity so that the public can understand our production environment, pollution environment, pollutant discharge, pollutant emission.As long as enterprises strictly implement cleaner production measures and seriously carry out waste water treatment, the energy-saving emission reduction and waste water treatment of our PCB industry is not difficult.We welcome the supervision of the society and government, which can also urge and promote the PCB enterprises to better implement and improve the clean production, energy saving and emission reduction


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