94v-0 fr4 pcb board

94v-0 fr4 pcb board

Type:Electronic PCB Assembly Certification:CE,FCC,UL,SGS,ROHS,ISO9001,IATF16949 Type of services:pcb design, pcb copy, pcb reverse engineering

Product Details

Basic product information of the circuit board:

Product Classification: Double-sided circuit board PCBA

Pcb board information: double-sided 6061 board, 1.6mm board thickness, 2oz copper thickness, black oil white on top layer, immersion gold process, all through holes are connected to the substrate

Circuit board industry applications: IoT products

Solder mask color: red

Whether to burn: not required

Order quantity: 500pcs

Delivery time: 15 days


FASTPCBA Electronics Co., Ltd. is a mature pcb & pcba electronics oem manufacturer in China. We have our own studio and production workshop in mainland China. Strong engineering team and sales make us develop, in order to ensure cost-effective solutions and Good delivery time, we use ERP order management system for more orderly production.

FASTPCBA specializes in the following areas:

1.PCB layout and manufacturing

2.pcb assembly

3. Parts procurement

4. PCB assembly of through hole and surface mount technology

5.Burn test + full function test

6. Product Third Party Certification

FASTPCBA cooperation case

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