2 Layer Pcb Circuit Boards

2 Layer Pcb Circuit Boards

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2 Layer Pcb Circuit Boards

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  • 2. PCB design steps for the second board:

PCB design steps:

1. Set the board frame, import DXF file, and determine the layout

1) determine the plate frame by yourself or by the structural engineer

Note: 1) the frame must be a closed shape

2) if the frame is a 2D line, it must become a frame

(2) set the hole, set the wiring rules (signal line, power line, ground wire)

1) hole setting:

1. Open Settings --> solder pad stack --> via: add two via holes: 15mil (ordinary signal line), 25mil (power supply, ground etc.)

2. Assign holes to specific lines: 15mil hole for signal line and 25mil hole for power line

2) set wiring rules:

1, first turn on the online check (DRC);(DRC must be on) tool -> option -> design

2. Open Settings -- -> design rules: the default line is 10mil, the spacing is 10mil, and the line width of the power line is 30mil

(3) lay out the signal line first, then the power line, and finally the ground line: you can open (view -- network), and hide the power line and ground line

(4) open the router and enter the wiring router, (cannot close the layout)

(5) turn on safe distance DRC, check protection belt (tool-conventional), and turn off dynamic routing (tool-option -conventional).

14 years pcb factory

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