Fender hot rod deville circuit board

Fender hot rod deville circuit board

FASTPCBA Technology Co.,Ltd is a competitive China Fender hot rod deville circuit board OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn Battery charger pcb board fr4 94v0 production prototypes and samples from our factory.

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Battery charger pcb board fr4 94v0

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94 where v0 refers to material combustibility, also known as flame retardant, self-extinguishing flame resistance, flame retardant, fire resistance, the combustible and combustibility is evaluation material has the ability of what kind of anti combustion resistance. Combustible material samples in order to conform to the requirements of the flame, the specified time, remove the flame combustibility rating according to the sample burning degree, level 3, sample in horizontal level test method, divided into FH1 FH2, FH3 level 3, specimen vertically as the vertical test method can be divided into FV0, FV1, VF2 level.

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PCBS are divided into HB boards and V0 boards.

HB boards have low flame retardancy and are mostly used in single panel. 

VO boards are highly flame-retardant, and are often used in double-panel and multi-layer boards.

In addition, ul-746b is used for long-term performance testing. For this kind of long-term thermal aging test, it is usually fixed at fixed time and fixed temperature.UL746E is used for testing of industrial boards, printed circuit substrates, coated and uncoated metal laminates, such as FR4, CEM-3, etc.UL94 is used for flammability test, this standard test method is 94v-0, 1,2 (vertical combustion), 94HB (horizontal combustion), 94vtm-0, 1,2 (vertical combustion of thin materials).UL769 is the standard used for PWB testing of printed circuit boards.Ul-769f is the test standard for flexible material interconnection structure PWB.


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Fr-4 is the substrate used by the PCB and is a type of sheet stock.According to different reinforcement materials, the plates are mainly classified into the following four types:

1) FR-4: glass cloth substrate

2) fr-1, fr-2, etc. : paper substrate

3) CEM series: composite substrate

4) special material substrate (ceramic, metal base, etc.) fr-4 is a plate-like laminated product made of epoxy phenolic resin and other materials impregnated with special electronic cloth.


Electrical machinery and electrical equipment are used as parts of insulation structure, including various types of insulating carbon film printed circuit board of FPC reinforced electric appliance, PCBS for computer drilling die and fixture (PCB test rack), which can be used in humid environment and transformer oil

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