Single-Sided PCB of Solar light

Single-Sided PCB of Solar light

12-Layer PCB with Heavy Copper has at least three conductive layers, wherein the outer surface 2 layers, while the remaining one was synthesized in the insulating plate. Electrical connection between them is usually done by plated through holes in the circuit board on the implementation of the cross section.

Product Details

Single-Sided PCB of Solar light

Basic information about the product:

Specification model: 2F4702A0-PCBA board

Product use: solar energy

Product Name: Single-sided FR4, finished board thickness is made by 0.8MM+/-0.1), copper thickness is 1OZ, sinking gold;

Inspection method: full inspection

Number of products: 50pcs

Production cycle: 5 days

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Product process description:

Process technology: lead-free process

Process flow: smt+dip+burning+test+assembly+packaging

Furnace experiment:

Baking: Perform the operation according to the SMT Parts Baking Work Guide.

Solder paste requirements: lead-free, Sn96.5/Ag3/Cu0.5/20 ~ 38wm

Board inspection requirements: welding maximum temperature is 245-250C, super 230 °C welding time control 40-605

The inspection requirements of the circuit board: check the error and the virtual connection, the module can not be offset, the polarity direction of the component is reversed, the connector is reversed, whether there is tin, tin beads

Assembly of the product: Pay attention to the fact that the outer casing is scratched and the cover is tight.

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