Online pcb fabrication teaching Equipment

Online pcb fabrication teaching Equipment

Multimedia teaching equipment PCBA Multimedia teaching means that in the teaching process, according to the teaching objectives and the characteristics of the teaching objects, through the teaching design, rational selection and use of modern teaching media, and organic combination with...

Product Details

Online pcb fabrication teaching Equipment

Basic information about the product:

Circuit board use: multimedia teaching equipment

Product Classification: PCBA

Product code: 2B3501A0-PCBA

Pcb information: Specifications Model: Size: 130*150MM/20PCS Double-sided FR4, plate thickness 1.0MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, purple ink white, single piece size 30*30MM;

Unit of measure: 1000pcs

Delivery time: 8 days

Process technology: lead-free process


Order information:

Project requirements: pcba one-stop service

SMT points: 249

DIP points: 10

Solder paste requirements: lead-free Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20

Inspection requirements: AOI detects faults and errors of components on the circuit board



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