Surface Mount Pcb Assembly

Surface Mount Pcb Assembly

Surface Mount Pcb Assembly is characteristiced strictly implement high-standard production management system and advanced equipment, as well as high-quality accessories, skilled workers. The composition of SMT, in general: SMT includes surface mount technology, surface mount equipment, surface mount components and SMT management.

Product Details

Surface Mount Pcb Assembly

Product file information:

Product Classification: PCBA

Product code: 2C6805A0-PCBA

Circuit board use: card reader

Pcb information: double sided FR4, 1.6MM, 1OZ, blue solder mask, lead-free spray tin. Minimum hole 0.2MM, single piece size 135*160MM

Order Quantity: 3800pcs

Production cycle: 6 days


Product process description:

Process technology: lead-free process

Solder paste: SnAg1.0Cu0.5 lead-free high temperature solder paste 105t510

Process flow: smt+dip

Inspection requirements:

1: The temperature of the molten iron is controlled between 330 °C and 350.

2: The welding temperature of the sensor, LED and buzzer is 330 °CC, and the welding time is between 3 seconds and 5 seconds.

3: Connection 8 can not be welded, left and right skewed and raised.

4: The tin point should be full and bright, and there should be no sharpening, less tin, bubble holes and too much tin.

5. The F1 position needs to be installed on the fuse holder before soldering.

PCB (2)

Product packaging: CN3 and DISPLAY LED screen terminal terminal sockets are shipped to customers, not to be installed on PCBA board; white pearl cotton should be used for protection around the carton, and it should be shockproof, anti-collision and anti-fall.


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