PCB manufacturing Medical Devices Circuit Board

PCB manufacturing Medical Devices Circuit Board

PCBA manufacturer custom made medical devices circuit board We are open and transparent on each production process with nothing to hide. We welcome customer inspect our production process and check in house. Millions of circuit boards are produced here every year, PCBA for our customers working...

Product Details

PCB manufacturing Medical Devices Circuit Board

Basic information about the product:

Product Classification: PCBA

Circuit board use: blood glucose meter

Product code: 2C5805D0-PCBA

Pcb information: double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, minimum hole 0.2MM; single piece size 122*33.83MM

Order Quantity: 1500pcs

Production cycle: 8 days

pcb board

Product production instructions:

Production process: lead-free process

Using solder paste: SnAg1.0Cu0.5 lead-free high temperature solder paste 105t510

Inspection requirements: 9 inspection procedures

Washing water: detergent 1010A 20L / barrel (washing water)

Flux: Environmental flux W-629A 20L/barrel

Tin wire: Yun tin wire Sn99.3CU0.7 1.0MM/1KG



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