Pcb Assembly operating-lamp

Pcb Assembly operating-lamp

Gps Tracker Pcb Assembly Gps Tracker Pcb Assembly The GPS module has a parameter of the number of channels, for example, 20 channels, which means that the module can establish communication with 20 satellites at the same time, 3 satellites are 2D positioning, data is unstable, and the module...

Product Details

Pcb Assembly operating-lamp
Basic information about the product:

Production model: 2G4302A0

Customer model: X210 Altiom V3 OUTPUT

Product use: surgical light

Process: Lead-free process

Order Type: New Order

Pcb sheet information: double sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white

Order Quantity: 700pcs

Production cycle: 5 days

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Process information for the product:

Smt points: 74

Dip points: 100

Steel mesh: laser steel mesh

Solder Paste Requirements: Alpha Solder Paste OM338PT

Pcb baking: all materials and pcb need to be baked for 8h

Customers request special tests:

The test instructions are as follows:

1. Only open the bottom switch 1, for the test gear 1, all the lights are always on, brighter than the second gear, the current is 48.5-49.5mA;

2, then only open switch 3, then all the lights are very bright, the current is 10.2-11.2A;

3. The test is completed and the board is taken.

Note: 1. Pay attention to wearing sun sunglasses to protect your eyes during testing;

2. When testing, all the lights are the same brightness, there can be no individual lights are very bright or very dark or not bright;

3. The repaired board is extended for 10-15 seconds during the test;

4. Bring clean cotton gauze gloves during the test;

5. During the test, pay attention to the distinction between the products to be tested, the defective products and the good products. It is strictly forbidden to place and not mark.

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